14 Jan 2017


While I was writing down my new year's resolutions at the beginning of 2015 I thought 2013 was the warm up, 2014 was the practise and 2015 is supposed to be the game time. Apparently I had to make my calculations wrong because 2015 was far even from being the warm up and I did not achieve any of my goals. Dauntlessly I rescheduled all my ambitious plans for 2016 with secret hope that in 2017 I will be ruling the world.
Now is the time to make a summary.


Each year I promise myself to abandon unhealthy lifestyle. Each year I fail around 14th February. The date is very symbolical. Junk food is my love and my most important life partner and every Valentine's Day I realise I can not just give up on it. The same situation happened last year. As 2016 began I have decided to lose 10 kilos however losing such amount of weight within 365 days did not seem a big challenge for me and I quickly forgot of eating vegetables and doing a morning jogging. When I reminded myself of it I had only 3 months to accomplish my task and I was no longer thinking it was a long time. I got down to work. I tried dozens of training programmes on, I followed every rule I read in 'The guide how to lose weight', I visited every gym in my neighbourhood and now with the first day of 2017 I can say I managed to do it but it was hard though.

My second the most important mission to complete was to gain professional experience because I have come to realise my CV looked really poorly. I could not to cheat on myself any longer I had no job due to the fact I was a full-time student. I have never been a type of a conscientious college girl and my inactivity on labor market was nothing but an excuse for my laziness. I had to end it for good. I have decided to move quickly and with the beginning of a new year I started an internship at the local Tax Office. It was not a dream job and many times I was only one step from quiting but I kept telling myself to be strong. I survived. After all it was not that bad. I made some fantastic friendships, got some unforgettable memories and learned lots of new things. And of course my CV looks brilliantly now.

2016 has taught me that new year's plans do not have to be unrealistic daydreams we forgot about with the first week of January. I do not understand people saying they do not set themselves any goals because it does not work out. Our success the same as our failure is only a matter of being stubborn and planning cautiously. The list of my 2017 plans and goals is the longest I have ever made. And I am pretty sure now is the game time.

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  1. My goal this year is to secure a job before I graduate.

    Wish me luck xD