9 Jan 2017


1. Stop procrastinating.

I like telling people I'm a procrastinator not because I'm lazy but because I'm genius although I know I'm cheating on myself. I keep procrastinating till a deadline. You could give me ten years to do something and I'd do it only the day before.
I don't like that habit and this year I hope to put my shit together and finally stop writing a blog post a few hours before publishing.

2. Be more organised.

I'm a type of person who owns an astronomical number of calendars and planners and always keeps writing to do lists but never sticks to them.
In 2017 I'm hopefully going to get more discipline in my life and start doing things instead of only thinking about them.

3. Focus on myself.

Assertiveness never was my strong point but I'm learning to say no all the time.
This year I'm going to put pleasing myself first before pleasing others and learn that my well-being should be the most important for me.

4. Carry on blogging.

Sarcastic Girl isn't my first blog. It actually is my third or fourth blogging adventure but this time it's gonna be for longer than only month of posting.
I want to update my blog regularly and publish at least once or twice a week.

5. Start a new series on my blog.

I've already done it! I posted first Independent Girl's Diary last Wednesday. I feel so excited about it and can't wait to share more episodes with you.

6. Travel more.

I can't say I don't like travelling but every time I have to go somewhere I can easily find a thousand excuses to go there later (see point no. 1).
My biggest dream is to visit Lofoten Islands (Norway's nature impresses me all the time) and I'm going to go there before the end of December.

7. Eat healthy.

I know, I know it's the most unoriginal goal I could come up with. It on almost everyone's new year goals list. Everyone wants to get fit and healthy especially at the beginning of a new year but I really need to restrain the amount of junk food I eat not only for my general look but also for my own good.

8. Gain more followers on my blog.

I don't think about any specific number because in my opinion people are important not numbers but I want to grow a sarcastic community of ironic betches and I'm really motivated to achieve it.

9. Pay more attention to social media.

These days most of us is trying to cut off their social media activity and I'm just staying the opposite. I'm dreaming of building an amazing Instagram account but I haven't done a single thing to reach that goal yet. But I ill, I promise I will.

10. To be honest and always tell what I think.

In virtual life I'm trying to be brutally honest and sarcastic as much as I can (do not mistake with being a hater) but if it comes to a real life I'm not always like that. Sometimes I hold my ironical opinions for myself because I'm afraid someone may feel insulted or shocked.
This year I'm gonna implement my online rule to offline life and always stay true to what I really think.


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  2. Except No 5 & 9, i guess we both have the remanning lists in common:)
    Happy New Year!
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