19 Jan 2017


With the beginning of a new year I'd like to start a new series on my blog which I'll be posting every week probably on Wednesday.

Independent Girl's Diary is a collection of my sometimes sarcastic and sometimes humorous feuilletons about ridiculous situations or everyday life .

There's a sample of my creation below. Let me know if you like it and want more or maybe just the opposite. :)



Yesterday I discovered another online boutique with amazingly beautiful and amazingly cheap ladies' clothes.
For the whole evening I've been innocently browsing the site with no intention of buying anything. I couldn't buy anything to be honest and the reason why I couldn't was very obvious - I've already spent all my this month's guilty pleasure savings (unbelievable how I did it in just one week) and the amount of money that was left on my bank account wasn't even sufficient to satisfy my basic needs.
So I was innocently browsing the site and I didn't notice when I put all the clothes I liked into the basket. Once I've put it in it was hard for me to put it out.
I knew I'm not allowed to shop but I clicked the order button and typed my delivery address unwittingly. I was only curious how the shop's payment and delivery service works.
My basket was full of clothing and accessories of value over 250 pounds and I kept in mind not to order a thing. Although my curiosity of their delivery system was pushing me further. I had no choice but to submissively click the buy now button and wait for the courier to bring me my new clothes.
Now I'm looking forward to getting my pack and trying not to think I have only 20 pounds for the rest of the month. But every cloud has a silver lining. I'm going to buy less food and eat less. When I lose weight my new tank tops and push-up jeans will fit me perfectly.

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