21 Jan 2017



1. You don't have to wash your makeup off after you come home exhausted after an epic party.

2. Some researches have shown that using too much mascara weaken your eyelashes. So it's better to have some poor eyelashes than to have none.

3. If someone falls in love with you, you can be sure it's because of your natural beauty.

4. Doing a really good makeup takes time, so you don't waste yours.

5. One of the biggest advantages of not wearing makeup is that when you finally put some on, everyone will say you're beautiful.

6. You don't have orange smudges on your face.

7. You don't have to look in the mirror every five minutes to check if your makeup is all right.

8. You don't buy cosmetics and your savings get bigger.

9. Other girls envy your courage.

10. You don't have to be afraid of walking in the rain or crying.

11. An unexpected going out isn't a problem for you. You can be ready in five minutes.

12. Makeup helps to hide imperfections but the ingredients of some cosmetics may also get your imperfections bigger.

13. In the short run makeup makes you feel more self confident but in the long run your confidence starts to depend on your makeup and you feel uncomfortable about your own face.

14. Your powder leaves traces on your phone, collars and pillows and your lipstick leaves traces on your mugs, cigarettes or boys' cheeks.

15. Makeup isn't the most important thing in the world. Personal hygiene is much more important for example. Nobody cares if you look good when you smell bad.

16. Makeup gives you only a temporary beauty that disappears every time you take a shower or wash your face.

17. Too much Barbie look is never cool.

18. Wearing makeup should be the last thing to do to attract the eye.

19. In ancient Rome makeup was a thing prostitutes were known at. Our behaviour has its roots in ancient times, so think about this.

20. Shopping for a perfect powder is really difficult. You can easily choose the colour that doesn't suit your complexion and instead of looking like a Miss Universe you will look like an orange or a vampire.

21. It's better to take care of your skin so you can look amazing with no beauty boosts.

22. Doing makeup quickly becomes a habit. It's easy to get used to it but difficult to stop.

23. Doing a perfect makeup is an art. That's why all movie stars have their own makeup artists. And that's why doing a movie-star-makeup with no professional help can give you an opposite effect.

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