18 Dec 2016


Buying a perfect gift isn't easy. To avoid some setbacks you have to know the person you want to give away. Here's my short list of misguided presents.

- A cookbook '100 ideas how to cook beef' for a vegetarian.

- A balloon flight or bungee jump ticket for a person who suffers from acrophobia.

- A pair of running shoes for someone who did sports ages ago at high school and really hated the PE.

- A swimming pool pass for somebody who is afraid of water and can't even swim.

- A tool set for someone who is deathly dangerous even with a screwdriver in their hand.

- An e-book reader for computer games lover who last time read a book at primary school only because he had to.

- A slimming tea box. No matter if you want to give it to over weighted person or healthy lifestyle freak slimming tea isn't a good choice. The recipient may feel wounded. And fat.

- A reindeer sweater or Santa Claus panties for fashion lovers. I bet they'll put it at the bottom of their wardrobe and feel embarrassed every time they think of it.

- Any gifts that may suggest someone doesn't care about their personal hygiene enough like for example antiperspirants or no matter how cool electric toothbrush. That kind of stuff is cool only when you buy it for yourself. No one wants to think they stink.

- Any recklessly bought gifts. Few years ago I got nose hair cutting trimmer and I haven't been able to get out of shock until the next Christmas ;)


  1. Those are really terrible gifts! xD
    Thanks for your comment :D


  2. OMG! I used to work for a herbal shop and you would be surprised by how much slimming tea and diuretic tisane had to be gift wrapped. I wrote about it HERE, re-reading it now is making me laugh so much hahahah

    1. haha! Once I got slimming tea and I couldn't stop thinking am I too fat? :D