30 Dec 2016


While I was putting into the washing machine 100th huge pile of clothes (which I found in very strange places in my house doing the general cleaning) on Christmas Eve morning I sadly realised that with every year Christmas holidays are less fun for me and I find the festive season the season with lot of extra work to do. 
I came up with 3 the most likely causes of such a situation. Wanna know why I didn't feel christmassy this December? Continue reading.

1. It can be a matter of age. 
Maybe I just got old and reached the stage where I turned into an bitter old b/witch who enjoys not a thing? And maybe my sarcastic attitude intensifies that effect.

2. Maybe I grew up?
(Growing up is a soft version of getting old) and not knowing when I stopped carrying about the gifts and started to think of Christmas in categories real housewives do (I mean cleaning, washing and cooking)?

3. Maybe it is about the weather?
December climate has been awful lately. Instead of white snowy Xmas there were gloomy rainy days with the wind so strong it pulled of the ground Christmas trees with its roots (dear Mrs Trump global warming is not a fantasy).

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