7 Dec 2016


I'm pretty sure I'm a multi-talented person. I have many extraordinary skills and abilities which make me quite unusual. The most interesting of these are listed below.

- I can clean up my house after a party in a flash, especially when some unexpected visitors are knocking on the door.

- I'm a World Champion of spending money. I can spend all my savings in one day doing the shopping.

- I have a unique ability of parking my car in places where it's forbidden. I can also take two or more parking places with one tiny car (#typicalwomanonthewheel) :)

- In some extreme situations I can take a shower, do my makeup, do my hair and get ready to go out in less than 30 minutes. That's a skill!

- I can apply for the Master Chef title. I keep burning ever dish I cook, fry or bake.

- I'm an excellent procrastinator, I can thousands reasons why not to do something what has to be done right now.

- I'm the most reckless shopping queen in the world. I buy plenty of useless stuff only because it looks nice.

- I have a skill of remembering unimportant things like gossips or silly jokes but when I have to remember something that really matters I usually forget about it.

- I'm talented in loosing things like my phone or car keys. I constantly keep loosing them and then I tend to spend hours looking for these.

- I'm a good comedian. Every time I tell a joke I'm the only one who laughs. I'm also good at understanding jokes, every time someone tells a joke I'm the last person who starts laughing.

- I'm a fantastic singer too. When I'm singing in the shower my family leaves the house.

- I'm a master of awkward moments. When something embarrassing is happening you can be sure I'm always part of it.

- I lie well, when I do I'm blushing and blinking my eyes so no one can notice I'm not telling the truth.

- The next talent on my list is drawing, for example when I draw an apple people think it's a flower, and when I draw a flower people think it's a sun.

- I'm good at guiding. I can go the same way ten times and I can still get lost. (That ability makes me also a good driver)

- I'm good at bothering people, I always appear in the least expected moments.

- I can call myself a makeup artist. I watch a lot of beauty tutorials on You Tube and when I finally start putting my makeup I always end up looking like Joker.

- I can eat a box of ice creams in a minute but when I have to eat some kind of healthy food I'm not that talented anymore.

- I used to constantly fall in love with inappropriate guys. When I liked a boy he was gay or taken or living in another country. Or all above.

- I know I have many more X factors but my weirdest and most original talent remains still hidden.

What are your unusual skills?

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