11 Dec 2016


I'll be honest with you from the very beginning: Mondays suck and there isn't much we can do about it. Unless you're married to a milionaire, you have to work to get money. Unless you're old enough to drop school, you have to attend classes and face the reality every Monday morning. The only thing you can do is to try out these tips to make that day more bearable.

1. Answer one important question: why you don't like Mondays?
Is it because you have to get up early and step out of your comfy bed? Or maybe it's because you have to go to school/work?
If you've chosen the second answer think about your life. Monday probably is not a problem. Your school/work is and you should do something about it. There's not a thing you can't change.
But if it's about Monday in general see the next points.

2. Think of one special guilty pleasure you can afford only on Monday.
What would it be? Eating your favourite cheesy pizza (no diets, no counting calories, no regrets) or maybe watching the tv series you love (come on! you can spend one afternoon a week doing something you really like and forgetting about the duties and Monday is a perfect day for that). If you're a party freak you should consider going out with your bestie and having some drinks (not too much it's Monday though). Generally on Mondays start doing things you enjoy and you'll be looking forward to that day.

3. Reward yourself.
I know Monday's a day when all you wanna do is to stay in bed and sleep forever. It doesn't define you as a lazy person. Most of people feel the same way. Every time you force yourself to get your ass out of bed , you win a battle and you deserve a prize. Go to the cinema and watch the latest move with Ryan Gosling starring or buy some new fantastic clothes. Make sure your effort of getting up in the morning is worth its price and don't feel guilty rewarding yourself.

4. Find somebody or something you like in your workplace.
Mondays are much more bearable when you have someone you feel excited to meet up with. Look for a mate you can share your pain with and grumble together, you'll feel way better.

5. Stop overanalysing.
Don't think about Monday too much. It's just a regular day like Tuesday or Sunday. Stop demonising it. And go to the point no. 3 and start rewarding yourself. Instead of thinking 'Oh no, it's Monday again!' you'll be repeating 'Finally it's Monday! I can get a new pair of high heels.'


  1. Great tips! I will have to try this.