9 Dec 2016


Every Friday night there is lot of buzz around you and many of your friends is getting drunk. Joining them may be hard to resist but before you open up another bottle of wine imagine the hangover you'll have the day after.
I'm giving you five reasonable reasons to stop yourself from getting drunk tonight.

1. Alcohol makes you forget.
 You might not remember a thing. If you drink too much you will probably forget the night. Not remembering what you've been doing isn't a nice feeling, so better stay sober and laugh at your drunk friends.

2. Alcohol makes you lose your mind.
You might do something you'll regret. Alcohol makes you act recklessly which means you can wake up next morning and find some weird text messages in your phone (like begging your ex to give you a second chance or revealing your feelings to your crush) or, what is worse, you can find a really ugly boy in your bed. If you don't drink, you will have nothing to be ashamed of the next day.

3. Alcohol makes you look silly.
Sober people look at drunk you and think you're acting like an idiot. Alcohol changes the way you behave. You may feel confident and cool but other people don't have to feel about you the same way. They may think you're cool but they may also think you're a person with some mental disorders. You don't want to be seen this way, do you?

4. Alcohol makes you forget about Maths and numbers.
Drunk people get more generous. They don't count their money and act like they're milionaires. When alcohol is flowing your veins, it's highly possible you'll spend all the money you have and wake up with a huge debit on your credit card.

5. Alcohol makes you hangover.
It's the worst thing you'll have to face the next day. Imagine you wake up with terrible headache, nousea and general weakness. It's not fun and games anymore. The best way to avoid hangover is not to drink at all. 

Have a fantastic Friday night !

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