26 Nov 2016


It was cold, snowy Saturday in the middle of the winter. My best friend and I went shopping. The weather was terrible and the pavements were slippery so I put on a pair of warm moon boots, a long parka and a stocking cap. I curled myself with few shawls and the only visible part of my body were the eyes.
When I saw my friend I was tongue-tied. She wore high heels, a short skirt and no tights. She looked impressive but with -10 degrees Celsius outside making an impression was the last thing to think about.
'Oh my God, Ann you're gonna freeze to death!' I said.
Ann smiled and shrugged her shoulders.
'We are going by bus, aren't we?'
Yes, we were going by bus, but unfortunately we missed it (Ann couldn't walk fast on icy ground in these shoes) and had to wait a while for another one. We got late because Ann couldn't run in 4 inch heels. After few minutes of waiting my friend was shivering with cold but still smiling.
Do you know why she was smiling? Because every (when I say 'every' I mean 'literally every') man around was staring at her. And they didn't looked at her like she was an idiot who wears a summer skirt in the middle of January but they looked at her like she was a cookie or something good to eat. I tried not to be jealous. I really did. But I couldn't bear when a cute guy talked to us and asked her out.
'Where is the justice?' I thought 'Why is everybody looking at her?'
I don't want to brag about my appearance but I know I am much more attractive than my friend.

Turns out beauty isn't everything. Clothes make a man. Even if you're the most beautiful girl in the world but don't care about the clothing no boy will look at you.
One of the articles in ladies' magazines says a perfect woman wears high heels, blouses with low necklines and red lipstick. My all male friends agree with it. 
The sad truth is if you don't look bitchy you'll stay unnoticed.

When Ann and I came home Ann had calloused feet, frostbites and high fever. Was it worth to sacrifice? I couldn't find an unambiguous answer. But the next time we went shopping I bought classy high heels instead of a new pair of sneakers. :)

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