14 Nov 2016


Girls' bags are  mysterious places, where many things are lost forever and many amazing things (like for example The Lost City of Atlantis) may be found. Girls' bags are mean beings which eat the things girls need the most.

What is in a typical girl's bag?

- A cell phone. The thing nobody can live without.

- Keys of any type, always well-hidden at the bottom of the bag.

- Chewing gums. About a year out of date.

- Tampons. Two or three just for sure. You can never know when your bag eats one.

- A book or a glossy magazine. Not to read but to feed your hungry bag :D

- Some stale cookies. You wonder how did these get into your bag but you always forget to take em out. And why your bag hasn't eaten these yet?

- A set of beauty accessories like lipsticks, mascaras, powders and other important stuff you need to look good.

- A mirror so dirty you can't even see yourself ;)

- A hair brush. Also dirty as f*ck. You don't use it because you feel embarrassed every time you put it out.

- Old bills, tissues and cookie crumbs. It takes less efford to carry these in your bag than put it into a trash bin. :D

- A bottom layer made of some undentified stuff where the most of your things is lost.

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