23 Nov 2016


I think everyone has that one memory they feel embarrassed even when thinking of it. I'll tell you about my embarrassing story.
It was quite long time ago. I was visiting my friend's house for the first time. I felt stressed because I knew that my friend's mum paid much attention to propriety and behaving well and I was far from acting like a lady.
That day I kept repeating savoir vivre rules and prayed for everything to go well, but fate likes to play trick and according to the well-know law everything that could go wrong, went wrong.
After entering my friend's house, I took my shoes off. I saw the floor wasn't clean but it was rainy outside and I didn't want to make it worse with my dirty boots. When my friend's mum noticed I was walking barefoot, she told me to put my shoes on. She meant that walking with no shoes could make me catch a cold but I didn't understand what she meant. I looked at the dirty floor and not thinking much I answered
'Don't worry. I have dirty socks anyway.'
I am blushing every time I think of it.

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