17 Nov 2016


1. Your tanned face makes your friends think you've just came back from some exotic holidays.

2. You have brown t-shirt which is exactly the same color as your face.

3. Everyone, even you, don't remember how you look with no makeup.

4. Your skin is shining like it's swollen.

5. Strange people tell you to wash your face.

6. Little kids think you're a clown and some of them are scared when they look at you.

7. Grown-ups think you're a night club worker.

8. You don't recognize yourself after washing your face.

9. You can lliterally feel the foundation on your skin.

10. Your shirt collars are stained with powder.

11. In your opinion Kylie Jenner wears natural makeup.

12. The color of your face doesn't suit the color of your neck.

13. The day you don't put on some makeup your friends ask if you're sick...

14. ...but there isn't a day when you don't wear makeup.

15. You constantly look in the mirror to check if your makeup is allright.

16. Traces of your makeup may be found on your phone, pillows, towels and almost every thing you touch.

17. You own a collection of different shades of foundation for each season.

18. Removing your makeup lasts longer than 20 minutes.

19. Your eyes are covered with mascara so heavily you can barely open them.

20. Thing you're the most afraid of is crying.

21. You think going out with no makeup is bigger tragedy than having a car crash or losing a job. You often say it's better to arrive late than to arrive ugly.

22. You need at least 4 hours to prepare yourself for an UNEXPECTED party. Usually it takes you about 5 and more hours.

23. If you could choose one thing to take on a lonley island it would be a new lipstick.

24. You use a half of makeup remover bottle each day.

25. You say there is never too much makeup.

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