20 Nov 2016


Here's a list of things and situations which I think are the most annoying or awkward and can make anyone wish the ground would swallow them up. Enjoy!

1. Reading the messages you sent to your ex when you were drunk.

2. Having a bad hair and no makeup and baggy clothes day and meeting someone you really don't like.

3. Seeing your crush treats you like the best friend - stucking in a friendzone SUCKS.

4. Sneezing right after applying your mascara.

5. Being hungry and having only some butter in the fridge.

6. When you think you chrarged your phone but turns out battery is only 1% left.

7. When your bestie cancels plans with you, and then you see her in another friend's story.

8. Entering a room where two of your best friends are having sex [extremly awkward version: seeing your parents doing THIS].

9. When you think you washed all the dishes but there's a frying pan left.

10. When the boy you had a dirty conversation with on Tinder turns out to be your neighbours' son | your friend's boyfriend.

11. Typing a message and sending it to a wrong person.

12. Waving back at someone who isn't actually waving at you.

13. When you put your makeup early in the morning, and during the day you realise you've used a bronzer instead of a mattyfying powder.

14. When you date a hot guy and then you see his brother is even more handsome.

15. When you tell a hilarious joke but the only person who laughs is you.

16. Putting a spoon into a running water and splashing your face.

17. Walking into a toilet where there's already someone in.

18. When you go on a costume party but only you are dressed up because it isn't actually a costume party.

19. When you want to find your crush on Facebook but instead of typing his name in the search you post it on your time line.

20. When you forget to log out of your Twitter account and your little sister uses your profile for writing awful tweets.

Hope you said 'it's damn true' at least once or I made you laugh a little bit. What else awkward moments can be? Please comment below.

Sarcastic Girl

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